Back From A Great Cruise

Cruises are fun vacations, filled with great food, some sunshine, and a little partying. But, if you are going on a cruise for some great music, you may want to pick a “themed cruise” that specializes in music, such as a blues cruise or a classic rock cruise.

The music on a “standard” cruise leaves a bit to be desired in most instances. There are some exceptions, of course, but for the most part, the entertainment didn’t come close to measuring up to our local talent right here in beautiful Chattanooga.

The one exception is the piano bar. Almost every cruise I have been on has a good piano bar performer. It’s a fun atmosphere in the piano bar room, with the performer taking requests and showing off a huge repertoire of songs.

Often, the crowd sings along with the performer. We even have a piano bar performer from Chattanooga that is the best I have ever seen – David Anthony. He performs aboard Holland America ships.

I also like the steel drum performers. I call it atmosphere music. It kind of makes one feel like you are in the islands. (Okay, you are in the islands, but this really adds to it…lol)

The bar bands are kind of cheesy – not even close to the talent of our cover bands here at home. I suppose if you drink enough alcohol, they may sound better, but trust me when I say they aren’t in the same league. The trend onboard is to using backing tracks to try and make the band sound better, but they aren’t fooling this old dog.

All in all, cruises are great vacations and are a real value. The entertainment is so-so, but the scenery and atmosphere is fantastic. For about $100 a day, you get a “hotel room” on board, all the food you could possibly swallow, and some decent fun and a great view! I mentioned a “themed cruise” earlier. Kid Rock, Delbert McClinton, and many more big name performers have their own themed cruises. If you are there for the music, consider one of those.
Bob Payne grew up in Chattanooga and graduated from Baylor School. He is the Entertainment Editor for the and assistant talent buyer for Riverbend Festival.