Lavinia Falcan

Color is queen for Falcan Iulia-Lavinia, whose portraits of women defy the male gaze with stylistic invention. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Lavinia studied painting at the National University of Arts, earning both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree there. Painting on large canvases that match the height of her viewers, Lavinia draws inspiration from colors, people’s faces, and important events in her life. Large

walls are not immune to her touch either, as Lavinia also paints murals, glass, and found objects.  In fact, over the last ten years, she has established herself as one of the few muralist in Bucharest, developing a rare mural art business named Madonia Art.

Preferring acrylic for its persistent vibrancy, Lavinia conveys a complexity of feeling with simple, one or two-word titles. A number of her figures have sections of their bodies demarcated like stained glass. Others are defined by triangular patterns and whorls of color. Lavinia says that her paintings capture everyday events in her life, as if the people she meets are reflected back through her, transmitted onto canvas. This is the creative vision she seeks to share with the world. “I search every day for inspiration,” Lavinia says, “and I choose to be inspired by


Agora Gallery is pleased to present Plurality of Expression, a new group exhibition highlighting the incredible diversity of visual language that the human mind is capable of creating. Seven artists are featured, among them painters, sculptors, photographers, and interdisciplinary artists. The group hails from a wide range of places including Peru, Romania, and Canada, and their far-flung origins influence their work in unexpected ways. Instead of any one artist creating pieces in a traditional or characteristic style of their home, this group represents the ever-increasing globalization of our world. Each artist shows knowledge of old and new techniques, and local and foreign aesthetics. Influences are cherished, but they are also interrogated and pushed further. Information travels quickly in the art world.

The strength of Plurality of Expression lies in just how different its featured artists are. One painter creates meticulously realistic tableaux of utterly fantastic landscapes – a road floating over an endless sky, or an egg that has sprouted its own feather. Another artist creates digital photographs exploring the nature of femininity through wondrously tactile liquids and fabrics. Yet another makes jewel-toned paintings of flat, serpentine figuresFree Reprint Articles, and another makes infinitely layered visions of the cosmos.