Opportunity To Work With LA Based Director

Mr. Kussman is an actor/writer/director and the audition schedule is being adjusted a bit to take advantage of this opportunity.

There will be only one night of auditions (not the usual two); the auditions will be cold readings with no preparation necessary.

Scheduling note: Actors will need to be available for rehearsals the evening of Thursday, Feb. 9, and be flexible for evening rehearsals the week of April 17.

A synopsis of EXIT 136:

It’s 1998, and a snowstorm has stranded six mismatched characters in a run-down truck stop. A sick young man makes an unlikely friend, a trucker struggles to keep his son, and a truck stop regular bemoans a past action for which he cannot forgive himself. Tensions rise as secrets are revealed and alliances betrayed, keeping audiences guessing until the end.

For more information, contact Kim Jackson at execdirector@theatrecentre.com.

Following are available roles for Exit 136:

Michelle Spinelli (a waitress, late 30s)
Barney Ledbetter (a customer, 60s)
Man (a customer, 40)
Roy Wilkerson (a trucker, 30s)
Anita Rains (a customer, 50s)
Jeff Rains (her son, late 20s)
Various radio voices
Setting: A run-down truck stop in East Tennessee
Time: Late December, 1998